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She sees a future with you and when she thinks about any of her future endeavors or wishes, it is you she sees by her side. With the Ten of Wands and the Three of Swords , there was a situation in the recent past that quickly broke down all the foundations of your relationship together, everything you two were building, and left her very heartbroken.

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This is essentially the reason why she is being so cautious with you, but still cannot help but care for you and show you love in the only language she knows how. With the Knight of Swords , it seems that she is preparing herself slowly to say something to you.

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This could also be you. One of you will make a gesture towards the other quite soon. If all goes well, The Lovers and Death indicate that you two may have a chance at starting anew.

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There is a lot of potential for you two to rekindle the flame. Usually I only give 6 cards but four more flew out with the Death card and it feels like I must include it.

The Three of Wands and the Eight of Cups further reinforces that she is waiting for the right moment to say something. With the Four of Wands Reversed and the Temperance card, the universe would like you to take your time with each other. Although this connection is familiar, it is still very important that you are not moving a mile a minute as this could result in scaring one or even both of you off, and thus severing the connection that once had a lot of hope.

Hi there! There is an air of a lack of energy and passion in this relationship. There could be a possibility that you are losing motivation and willpower in this relationship due to the daily grind or perhaps other happenings in the relationship. What can you do to bring this passion back? What material items or beliefs are you trying to hold your relationship to that you could do without? This also means that you will be able to put the work in necessary to improve things.

This represents restlessness which can lead to impulsivity and can cause fights to arise from seemingly thin air. This relationship has a great structure that can be built upon and expanded. This relationship yields a lot of learned wisdom and understanding, and it is also stable and safe. The work that you put into this relationship will give you fabulous results.

It will be a great relationship with security and abundance of love and togetherness if you put in the necessary work for this relationship to be successful. Do not give in to the temptations on recklessness behaviors or being inconsiderate to one another in the relationship. You must beware of consequences your actions have and plan your journey ahead carefully. Always look at the big picture before making big decisions.

If you are uncertain about your relationship and staying, please weigh the pros and cons before hopping ship. Thank you for allowing me to read for you and I hope this helped sort out some of the confusion you might be experiencing. There is a feeling of freedom and release with this card.

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I get the feeling it is your restoring control over yourself—was it hard to move on after Bishop? Right now you are working towards leaving what was the past in the past and moving on, which can make your situation even more frustrating. This card also asks what are things you need to do to let go completely?

This one was a wee bit confusing at first, but I think what is trying to be conveyed is that you desire to overcome the self-doubt and supposed weaknesses you see yourself having as a result from your split with Bishop. A big reason this card might come up is not feeling ready to move on. You want to overcome these feelings and be able to get going with your life, which again makes this situation infuriating lol.

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This constant thinking about moving on is what is driving you to have these dreams and thoughts. Living this way, you miss a lot of opportunities given to you. The advice here is to simply let go and by releasing all of the stress by trying to move on, it will become easier. Take things day by day, allow yourself to feel sad if you feel sad. This is how you will heal. Soon, after you get used to taking it day by day, you will realize that you are enjoying life again and going with the flow, and he will hardly be in your head anymore.

This card talks about feeling full to the brim with happiness due to feeling like one with the world around you. If you do meditate, do it longer or more often. Go outside and just drink in the outdoors, it will ground you and make you feel full. Find harmony with the earth. Take the time to go out with friends and family, as there is a strong sense of unity with this card.

I think the one spread got a lot out of the situation, but feel free to message me if you would like the other one done as well! Hey, everyone! For the rest of this week and next week, the Looking For Love reading is half off! I look forward to hopefully reading for you!

Right now, he feels an imbalance in what he wanted and how things happened. He has considered in role in the matter and feels some responsibility toward her behavior but at best, he just feels plain hurt. He is probably hopeless and in a great deal of turmoil over it. When prompted, she should offer the truth to him. But be very careful.

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Balance the truth with feelings, offer tokens of admiration and care. Share how much he means to you. Let him heal. He has a desire to make a final decision based on his sense of morality and what he deserves. He will let her know soon. Signup to sync subscriptions across devices.

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white lotus tarot capricorn 2019 White lotus tarot capricorn 2019
white lotus tarot capricorn 2019 White lotus tarot capricorn 2019
white lotus tarot capricorn 2019 White lotus tarot capricorn 2019
white lotus tarot capricorn 2019 White lotus tarot capricorn 2019
white lotus tarot capricorn 2019 White lotus tarot capricorn 2019
white lotus tarot capricorn 2019 White lotus tarot capricorn 2019

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