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Conferences happen every so many months in various spots around the world. At each, a number of name and other astrologers present work that is old or new, basic or complex, and so on. It is definitely a way to fill yourself up at a metaphorical buffet of astrology knowledge, and to see what you really know.

I find astrologer conferences to be a definite mix of professional gathering meets family reunion swirled with an overnight camp sensibility. So yes there are conversations late into the nights for some. And occasionally trips to late night eateries for fries, donuts, cheezy doodles or any such.

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Conferences really can rejuvenate one in a few different ways. With emails, tweets, Facebooking, etc. Astro conferences and retreats on our radar over these next two years:. Look for The Kepler Conference to return as an annual offering January , in Florida with a focus on astrological research. The 28th International Astrological Seminar goes January 31—February 4, in Held Kolkata, India with hundreds of astrologers from near and far.

Find registration details and more here. It is the longest-running annual astrologers conference in the USA, it sports a familial, fun and down to earth vibe. UAC is the largest astrologers conference in the Northern Hemisphere in recent decades. Hugely recommend it, provided you are OK being with hundreds and hundreds of astrologers of all levels! This mothership conference happens May 24—29, in downtown Chicago.

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Schedules to be announced into with some talks to choose from. There will be awards, dancing, excursions and plenty else. State of the Art SOTA Astrology Conference returns with a handful of international speakers, emerging voices, plus a great embrace of esoteric practices. Christina Richter is a full time practicing astrological consultant, educator and author specializing in Medical Astrology. Her extensive background as a registered nurse, and passion for alternative healing, gives her a unique approach.

Her book Learn to Self-Heal merges Medical Astrology and Ayurveda into simple practices that connect body, mind and spirit. She is currently writing the follow-up. As new ailments arise, insights to old therapies are resurrected and new treatments are being invented.

Alchemy & Medical Astrology in Clinical Herbalism (Breitenbush Herb Conference 2016)

Autism exploded onto the world stage in bringing a fresh challenge to the health system and mankind. Discovered in , it is now as popular as measles. According to the Centre of Disease Control and Prevention in , 1 in 59 children have this disorder. They are the new kids on the block, they are our future.

As astrologers and healers, let us learn how to identify autism and offer alternatives to support our clients. We will explore the mutable dynamics that case studies show, the timing, and what it tells us. Christine Broadbent has been a consulting astrologer and writer for 30 years. This event had so much magic, it inspired her to leave her home country of Australia, now moving between the two countries. She has long been the astrological writer for the bimonthly Australian WellBeing magazine. With an honours degree in Sociology, Christine recently returned to academia to explore astrology as a socially situated knowledge system, doing postgrad research at Massey University for two years.

An expanded version was published in Culture and Cosmos, Vol Patterns, rhythms, returns and connections are intrinsic to the language of astrology. Seeking the links between our human voyage and the cosmic patterns of each moment, astrology is both an art and a science. Its complex history encompasses astronomical breakthroughs, ancient omens and many predictive techniques. Astronomy and astrology held a shared knowledge system for centuries.

Another shared knowledge space is alchemy, as demonstrated by the Emerald Tablet and its well-known line: As Above, so below…for the making of the One Thing. We will explore this short series of verses as links between astrology, consciousness and self-actualization. We will also trace the significance of Hermetic principles for astrological technique, historically significant and strong again now.

Bring along a copy of your Whole Sign house system chart to get the best out of this lecture. Her career spans four decades and many national and international locations. During her current tenure as President she has initiated a scholarship enabling New Zealand students to sit the Australian exam system in order to gain qualifications; she has also based her classes on the FAA syllabus focusing on an advanced level.

No stranger to conference organization Colleen has been actively involved with the organization of The Making of The One Thing conference. This lecture revisits the Stars, it takes the biggest, the brightest and the most troublesome Stars, revisits their traditional mythology then directs it through the lens of modern psychological astrology—the result is quirky, with remarkable insight as to how we use the Gods within us.

This is not a technical lecture, but a good introduction to the Fixed Stars, an opportune place to reconnect with them and above all, a timely reminder that the Fixed Stars were in fact the beginning of The Making of The One Thing.

Kristin Fontana Evolutionary Astrologer

She has been learning the astrological craft since the mid- s and teaching since the late s. She has presented many lectures and workshops internationally and throughout New Zealand since the s. She was involved in a research project on the Asteroids in the charts of academic women that was received enthusiastically at Auckland University as well as within the Trade Union Movement. An enquiry into that unique time and place of any astrological reading. We explore the space where the chart, the reader and questioner meet, in a distinctive flow of time, place and ambience.

This is an exploration of what happens in the special energy field of a reading, where the astrologer, the client and the horoscope become a kind of holy trinity. At age 16, she began her formal study and life-long love of astrology, esoteric astrology, vibrational medicine, the occult, alchemy and magic in its various forms. She is author of The Celestial Compendium, which weaves together these ancient arts in a practical way making them accessible to both novice and seasoned astrologer. The theme for the conference is a key statement from the Emerald Tablet which in its totality is the quintessential statement on alchemy and the alchemical process.

This presentation takes us deep into the heart of the great mystery, exploring and revealing the hidden links between the three hermetic sciences astrology, alchemy and magic and how working with them mediates the above and the below. The presentation also reveals how to work alchemically with the astrological chart, stars and planets to bring about self-healing, through creating a personal alchemical story.

Glorija Lawrence dip. Glorija studied with Doris Greaves, gaining an Honours diploma in Cosmobiology. She has written many articles published in Australia and internationally. Our current temporal existence is reliant on the sustainability of our generation to unite as one and to deepen and expand our global dialogue.

Astrology has many layers to the horoscope such as the individual, the family, the group and then the soul group.

Certified Evolutionary Astrologers

All are intertwined in the way that our daily lives are determined. Fate, destiny and free will are also tied up in a neat little bundle. So what are the moral and ethical cornerstones surrounding our predictions of impending gloom and doom? In this lecture, Glorija shares with us her ground-breaking research on the soul group experience of her family caught up in the Christchurch earthquake and how astrology can help us find a deeper understanding of the spiritual underpinnings of our indelible dependency on each other.

He has practiced and taught astrology in the UK and New Zealand for over 20 years, with clients and students throughout the world. He has tutored for the Mayo school since His other passions are music, poetry, nature and sour-dough bread. We help them examine stories they have told themselves that trap them in patterns or self-limiting attitudes, or which prevent them from unfolding larger, more meaningful stories.

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With these new approaches you will be better able to ground your reading in the things that really matter, bridge the client-astrologer divide, and enable your client to navigate their own stories with more freedom. Various charts are in use for New Zealand, with the Dominion and the Treaty charts most common. He served as AFI president from to He maintains a busy astrology consultation practice and is a co-developer of the Janus Astrology.

The Houses as a Ladder Between Above and Below We will explore whole sign and quadrant house systems as a symbiotic pair used in traditional astrology. The astrological wisdom of the ancients asserted that by looking up at the sky we are initiated into the mysteries of existence, opened to both the macrocosmic laws of creation and the knowledge of Self within.

From this perspective, the purpose of astrology is to reconnect us with our divine nature. Through the actions of the planets in the 12 houses, the natal chart reveals how the macrocosm is expressed through us. Quadrant Houses for determining planetary strengths. By combining these two, accurate prediction is greatly increased. In this talk I will show you how to use both house systems to best effect.

Bring your whole sign chart along to try out this system. Harsha Rigney started her astrology studies in What began as an interest grew into her career. This is sold extensively throughout NZ and Australia. The edition is their 22nd year of production. The Solar and Lunar Eclipses, both historical and current, mark the major changes and milestones that shape our journey in life.

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These are cycles that remind us of the indelible links between Above and Below. When the Eclipse Season is upon us, we have the opportunity to change the direction of our life. We can release ourselves from old habits and limitations, creating the space for new growth and opportunities.

evolutionary astrology conference Evolutionary astrology conference
evolutionary astrology conference Evolutionary astrology conference
evolutionary astrology conference Evolutionary astrology conference
evolutionary astrology conference Evolutionary astrology conference
evolutionary astrology conference Evolutionary astrology conference
evolutionary astrology conference Evolutionary astrology conference
evolutionary astrology conference Evolutionary astrology conference
evolutionary astrology conference Evolutionary astrology conference
Evolutionary astrology conference

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