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We earnestly expect that practicing astrologers as well as students of astrology will find our work informative and useful. The super-fast performance of this app will help save crucial time and effort for the user. It will compute and deliver lots of information within a flash - some of which might attract the user's attention, and demand special consideration. He mentioned that the roots of these herbs should be worn as talismans.

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The article was of least interest to me, because I do not have much believe in talismans. My belief is to live a simple and pure life to achieve happiness.


But there was one herb which grabbed my attention. It was meant for Saturn. It was important, because the same herb was once mentioned by another great Bhrigushastri in Laxmangarh Rajasthan. This man was also known as legend in his circle, for the blinding accuracy of his predictions. His words were just like carvings on stone. I remembered the herb because it had an odd name. This was important because two important people from same field, who were living far apart from each other and who were of different ages, were mentioning the same thing.

These revered masters of astrology must not have mentioned them without proper knowledge.

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The two astrologers I mentioned were masters of this science, and they must have read it somewhere. I must admit that I cannot find any of the reference in any of the other books. It might have been possible that some ancient texts have received some harsh downpours of time, and they might have been erased. So I decided to give it another go with Google.

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What came back was very strange and it aroused my curiosity. The word nervosa ringed some bells inside me. Nervosa it seems has some relation to nervous system and according to the article on totems, it was related to Mercury.

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In vedic astrology, Mercury is related to nervous system. In fact palmistry attributes the line of Mercury as line of health because problems in nervous system can affect your whole health. This tickled my curiosity so much, that I started digging google for other herbs. It was difficult because names were in Hindi and I have to find their exact matches. All herbs that were referred as Talismans in article were actually related to the cure of diseases generated by the same planets. I collected data from Ayurvedic research centers and summarized it.


I discovered that some of the herbs were already considered a magical remedy in many of African and European nations. One of the herb was so good that a money hungry conglomerate tried to obtain patents for the same. My conclusion was that these herbs were not charms. I also shared them with some of my patrons with a word of caution and they found them to be highly effective.

It was clear that these medicines were known for their multiple medicinal properties in Ayurveda, but modern editions of Charak Sahinta and Sushruta Sahinta lost the significance for their precise and specific effect on certain medical problems. He used to wander near the forests areas of Sariska. He was a relative and always told others that herbs needs to be obtained at a certain time period only.

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  • They do not show medicinal effect if they are not obtained at a particular configuration of planets and nakshatras. The science of Astrology is directly linked to Ayurveda but modern practitioners follow no such rules. Only a chosen few in Kerela and Varanasi still understand the links between the two. That is the very reason why certain herbal potions do not show any effect on application. The other rule is that medicines are not universal.

    Everybody carries a different constitution.

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