Cancer horoscope week of october 27 2019

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Love gets a sultry makeover as Venus, the planet representing love, moves into Scorpio stealth mode this week. Check under the proverbial covers of your lover or any other relationship for hidden agendas and unlikely options. Deepen partnerships and friendships. Commit to transforming your love demons not by hexing your ex but by purging tired insecurities.

October 12222 Horoscope: Predictions for Cancer

This week the onus is on you to commit to radical self-love and own your power to choose your heart's desire, so aim high. Get ready to merge assets, Aries—your attractor factor is intense as Venus the planet of love moves from your partnership sphere into your zone of sex and deep connection. You may profit through other people's connections and resources, so stay open to opportunities, especially through women's friends.

If a clash from your partnership to your career zone is grating your gears, stand your ground and give time to both sectors. Boundaries around your work are important while allowing your significant others to feel valued is essential. Your ruling planet, Venus, brings charm and beauty into your relationship zone this week.

Cancer October 12222 horoscope: What your star sign forecast says this month

Moving sign into Scorpio, that spells intensity and a desire for depth in how you relate. Have an eye out for a magnetic one-on-one that may be hard to resist. Keep in mind that others are profoundly attracted to your unique image and outlook on the world.

Look at the larger picture. This could be a sudden opportunity to share those fresh epiphanies at work. Meanwhile, Venus moving into your work sphere lends you hypnotic magnetism in this zone for the next month. Utilize the extra charm to negotiate work conditions, pay, or duties, or get those bright ideas across the line.

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Deepen existing relationships, especially with women who have your back. In terms of health and daily routine, mutual appreciation and convivial connection with colleagues are your paths to self-care. Buy yourself flowers, book a pamper session, or take time out to immerse in that novel sitting on your nightstand. Venus moving into sister water sign Scorpio turns up the sizzle in your romance zone. Do what you love this week and it will support your glow.

Make the most of her passage through your zone of fun and dating by utilizing your charged emotional magnetism to attract exactly what you want.

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Feel into your ultimate vision of love and self-expression to set your sights. Your friends may shock you with some surprise ideas or revelations. Although challenging, this is an opportunity to expand your mind.

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Feel an electric connection with someone that you consider "just a friend"? Keep an open mind on this one. If coupled, this connection could simply stimulate your creative spirit, so allow whatever it is rather than try to fit it into an expectation of what it "should" look like. Bring some tender love and care to your nest this week, Leo, as home is where the heart is. Read Full Sagittarius in October Capricorn Horoscope for October Chiron retrograde in House IV of Capricorn, suggests issues be resolved with the mother figure and situations that affect the emotional security and sense of belonging of the subject.

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Cancer Horoscope for October 12222

If this relationship is meant to be, it will take flower. Your amour may take up an unusual hobby that gets on your nerves. What did the Cancer horoscope say in September? Look back here. Russell Grant said: "A legal matter will be decided on or around the 14th, due to a tense Full Moon. Instead of dwelling on this setback, make an exciting plan for the future.

cancer horoscope week of october 27 2019 Cancer horoscope week of october 27 2019
cancer horoscope week of october 27 2019 Cancer horoscope week of october 27 2019
cancer horoscope week of october 27 2019 Cancer horoscope week of october 27 2019
cancer horoscope week of october 27 2019 Cancer horoscope week of october 27 2019
cancer horoscope week of october 27 2019 Cancer horoscope week of october 27 2019

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